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    Professional Power Conversion


    AC/DC Power

    PAIRUI's AC/DC switching power supply line ranges from encapsulated package 1~150W, Din Rail package 15~480W, and enclosed package 35~3500W. All products are designed based on latest technologies, highly reliable, certified to UL60950 and EN60950 standards, and up to 5 year warranty. Very compact package size, high power density, active power factor correction, single/dual/triple output, and full protections are also standard optionsin our product portfolio.

    DIN Rail 15-480Watts

    Convenient installation on 35mm din rail, parallel operation, over voltage protection, over current protection, LED indicator for power status, PFC options, approved to UL60950 and EN60950 standards, 3 year warranty.

    Serien Details

    Gehäusetypen 35-350Watt

    Universaleingang 90 ~ 264 V AC, 100% Volllast Burn-in-Test, Kühlung durch natürliche Konvektion, ultra-dünne Größe, integrierte EMV-Filter, LED-Anzeige für Energie an, All Round Protections: Kurzschluss , Überspannung , Überlast , 3 Jahre Garantie

    Serien Details

    Encapsulated 1-150Watts

    Eine breite Palette an AC/DC-Module in Miniatur und in voll gekapselten Kunststoff oder Metallgehäusen. Alle Modelle bieten Universal Eingangsspannungen von 85 ~ 264VAC und sind gemäß UL 60950 und EN 60950 Standards entwickelt, 3 Jahre Garantie.

    Serien Details